Photo Agora History
Photo Agora
A Short History

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0-6619-C / Robert Maust / Fall foliage - farm pond - Angus cattle - Rockingham County, Virginia
0-6861-C / Robert Maust / Cub Run - Redbud - Rockingham County - Virginia
0-7176-C / Robert Maust / After a 40" snowfall - Shenandoah Valley, VA
EverybodyHMF05 / Robert Maust / Entire group of Hidden Meadow Farm partners and families at the Outer Banks in NC - Summer of 2005 (Robert in front row)
P4200037 / Robert Maust / Photo Agora office and home of Robert & Gretchen Maust on Hidden Meadow Farm - Keezletown, Virginia

Photo Agora is a company that has been owned and operated by Robert Maust since 1972. A photographer by training, he has continued to the present working as a stock photographer. He has developed a vast collection of stock photos which have been published by many and various publications. To better manage his collection, he developed an extraordinary Helix® data base program on one of the first Apple Macintosh computers. In 1988 he began marketing "MacStock," the resulting stock photography management program.

Having set up his own business with the new software, he then established a stock photo agency and began marketing stock photography for other photographers. He is currently marketing the work of over 100 photographers with over 50,000 images on file.

Since 1992, Robert has gained more data base programing experience, through several contracts with an Apple computer retail store and the D C Superior Court in Washington, DC. He also wrote an estimating/management program for small commercial print shops, now known as "Print Ex-Press."

With new programning expertise and photo marketing experience, he has expanded the original "MacStock" software into three versions for use by individual photographers and stock agencies. He prides himself on providing personal customer support...and nobody provides tech support like the programmer.

Photo Agora is located on Hidden Meadow Farm in Keezletown, Virginia. This is a partnership farm begun in 1979 on 63 acres and owned jointly by six families. Raising children and a herd of registered black Angus cattle has kept the families busy during times off from their regular and varied jobs.

For more information about this cooperative living arrangement, just ask.