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8-69-C / Jim King / Vietnamese woman making rugs - Vietnam
25-133-C / Sean Sprague / Hmong woman and child - Lao Cai, Vietnam
25-134-C / Sean Sprague / Boy - Nam Ha, Vietnam
25-312-CD / Sean Sprague / Girl of Hanoi, Vietnam / hat
25-313-CD / Sean Sprague / Woman of Hue - Vietnam / hat
25-314-CD / Sean Sprague / Woman farmer of Nam Dinh - Vietnam
25-493-C / Sean Sprague / Hmong Child - Lao Cai, Vietnam
25-494-C / Sean Sprague / Hmong Woman and Child - Lao Cai, Vietnam
31-86-CD / Gerard Fritz / Flower garden, Mekong Delta - Vietnam
31-212-CD / Gerard Fritz / School kids - Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
78-440-CD / Clark Irwin / Portrait of a smiling woman badly in need of dental work - An Giang Province - Long Xuyen, Vietnam / dentist teeth toothache tooth asia cavity cavities asia mekong
78-441-CD / Clark Irwin / Portrait of a boy with dyed hair - An Giang Province - Long Xuyen, Vietnam / asia mekong child children
78-447-CD / Clark Irwin / The smiling faces of young girls selling lottery tickets along the Hau Giang River - An Giang Province - Chau Doc, Vietnam / child children gambling asia mekong
78-472-CD / Clark Irwin / Portrait of an elderly man who's smoking a cigarette while selling lottery tickets on the side of the street - Saigon, Vietnam / ho chi minh asia senior
78-475-CD / Clark Irwin / A melancholy expression on the face of a woman waiting for the rain to stop - Cholon District - Saigon, Vietnam / ho chi minh weather emotion
78-493-CD / Clark Irwin / A man makes a living by sewing blue jeans near the roadside - Cholon District - Saigon, Vietnam / ho chi minh asia clothing sew
94-128-CD / Ira de Reuver / Traditionally dressed hill tribe woman carrying her baby on her back at a market - Sapa area, Vietnam
103-17-CD / David Jordan / Humong Woman - Sapa Market - Sapa - North Vietnam
103-22-CD / David Jordan / Field Worker-Forbidden Purple City - Hue - Central Vietnam
103-23-CD / David Jordan / Curious Children at the Window - The Citadel - Hue - Central Vietnam